Using Wix, I want to show smaller automatically playing videos of my app
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How can I achieve the following? I want to be able to keep the videos small (in pixel size, not data size) and have no ugly borders (see IMAGE 1). I want to keep the videos auto-playing. I want to put it in a box off to the side, and have a box next to it with supporting text, (see IMAGE 2). In the mobile view (see IMAGE 3), I want to keep the video small and maintain the box system. (I'll provide links to images below).

I think this person is using Webflow. I'm using Wix. And I made my video with Youtube.

Keep in mind that these are screenshot stills, so you won't be able to see in IMAGE 2 and 3 that the cursor is moving on the video and that the screen of the video is changing... and that it's happening automatically.

Anyway, here are links to pictures to give context to what I'm talking about.

IMAGE 1 (What I currently have)

IMAGE 2 (The desktop view of what I'm trying to emulate)

IMAGE 3 (The mobile view of what I'm trying to emulate)

Before you ask, I'm already pretty tied down with Wix. I'm paying for it, I have my domain name tied up with them, and I already have a portfolio built with them... I'm just trying to revamp the portfolio. I did look at Webflow, but while it looks like there are a ton of options and customizability, it also looks very intimidating to learn.
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