How Can I Can the Spam?
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On my blogs, I keep getting spam comments, often from the same few accounts, and it's maddening to have to delete their garbage several times a day. Is there a way to permanently block specific commenters on Blogger/Blogspot?
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Have you tried adding the plug-in Akismet Anti-Spam. I use and it seems to block virtually all spam.
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There are a number of helpful anti-spam plugins, and I second the Akismet plugin mentioned above.

There are also several tips that one can use to help reduce comment blog spam, and this article should prove helpful in your case:
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Seconding (well, thirding) Akismet. My experience was that spam draws spam, and that preventing the spammy comments going up in the first place led to way less spam being submitted in the first place.

Using Akismet is still a partially manual process, in that you'll still have to review and classify a handful of comments as spam or non-spam. But it's way less work than without it, and your readers won't have to wade through a bunch of garbage in the meantime.
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I like Akismet too but the OP is asking about Blogger/Blogspot, not WordPress. Unless I’ve misunderstood (it’s been a while) there aren’t plugins for Blogger.

Do you have the “Reader comment captcha” turned on? I see it as an option in the newer Blogger admin interface.
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