Looking for a children's book about a kingsnake bullied by a rattlesnake
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My boyfriend mentioned this book and I'd love to find it for him for his birthday. Searching mainly brings up books about snakes, not 'storybooks' like I want to find. Details below on the plot.

The plot as related to me by the boyfriend:
-Young king snake is bullied by a rattlesnake.
-King Snake "stands up" (lol) to the rattlesnake and stops getting bullied.
-King snake grows up and has baby kind snakes.

This was a book read to him growing up in the Bay Area, California. I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who recognized this story and remembered the title to help me narrow down the search to see if this is still available for purchase!
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Maybe Roadrunner's Dance by Rudolfo Anaya?
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A search for 'rattlesnake bullying kingsnake' yields this Google Books result, which isn't a children's book, but rather an autobiography of TR that mentions interactions between a kingsnake and rattlesnake. Is it possible your boyfriend has a vague recollection of something that may have been related to him from this book rather than a standalone story?
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Any idea when this book would have been published? Here's 1975's Biography of a King Snake (aka King Snake), by Burke Davis, & 2001's The King Snake: "A very special young adult nature novel about the life and adventures in survival of a North Carolina king snake, from the time of his hatching until he becomes adult."
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Response by poster: It would have been read to him in the 70's, but that is all I know. He was really clear it was a children's book that he remembers his mom reading it to him. (But it is very possible that the memories are not exact since this was..... *ahem*.... decades ago! )

I knew it was a long shot but that if it was findable, it would be found here.
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The King Snake appears to have been originally published in 1968.
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