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I'm looking for YouTube channels that feature day-in-the-life content of small scale farmers. Whether it's livestock, growing, digging, fence-building, or whatever, I'd like channels that focus on the actual doing as opposed to instructional or informative. Minimal voiceover is a bonus.
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Best answer: Would Li Ziqi's YouTube channel scratch this itch?
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Best answer: Way Out West Blow-in Blog follows a couple working a small farm on the west coast of Ireland. They use their horses and donkeys for some of the farm labor, too, which is delightful. It's mostly voice-over but I find Sandra's Irish/German accent delightful.
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Best answer: I like Justin Rhodes' vlog. Family homesteading in NC. Mostly slice-of-life, with a bent toward permaculture farming inspiration. Some of it is informative, but mostly just showing how the family does chores.
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Response by poster: Just jumping in to say that these three are good examples of what I'm looking for. I'm especially keen on sheep farmers too if anyone knows of any . . . Thanks!
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Best answer: I've really been enjoying White House on the hill.
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Best answer: Dianxi Xiaoge!
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Best answer: Came to recommend Justin Rhodes, but I will add in Gold Shaw Farm, Simple Living Alaska and Rainfall Projects (lots of howtos in that last one, but some nice day in the life).
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Best answer: Roots and Refuge farm (youtube) is great, my partner and I have been watching their content since quarantine started and it's all very lovely. They have many vegetables, chickens, alpacas, pigs. It mostly focuses on the gardening, and there's a ton of good information, plus Jess is very engaging to watch.
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Best answer: For sheep, you might enjoy Sandi Brock's channel. She runs an indoor operation in Southwestern Ontario. Lambing time is always a highlight.
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Best answer: Zwartbles Ireland is a sheep farm in County Kilkenny with a focus on regenerative farming. There's a lot of screen time for some very cute dogs.
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Best answer: Aw you’re making me want to watch that ole NZ staple - Country Calendar which has been running for years and is available on YouTube. (It’s based on a British show called Country File which has also been around for decades)
Pretty low key slice of farming life interviews with farmers, follow them about etc. Here’s an episode about sheep farming but they have a variety of topics
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