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I set up a recurring Zoom meeting. The next one will happen on Wednesday. At the time I did this the default in my Meeting Settings menu for screen sharing was "host only". However, I now want to enable screen sharing for the Wednesday meeting. If I now go to the Meeting Settings menu and turn off "host only", will this mean that screen sharing will be enabled for all participants in the Wednesday meeting?
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Are you the host? You can enable screen sharing for everyone by default or the host can, during the meeting, turn on screen sharing for individual participants. I am pretty sure that doing what you did will work out, but worst case you can turn it on literally on the fly if it does not.
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Yes, all participants will be able to share their screen. This can get complicated because someone can share a screen and replace someone else's shared screen.

I think in addition to what jessamyn said, you can assign host to individuals in the meeting, who will then have the ability to share their screens one-by-one as you assign that privilege. You can also pre-assign co-hosts. Depending on who is invited, you can control sharing down to pretty fine details.

Security question: did you enable wait room or do you have some other kind of security like a meeting key or password, just to be sure only your invitees are joining?

I know it's later on Wednesday EDT, but hope this helps in time!
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Thanks Snowisberlin and Jessamyn! Much appreciated. The meeting participant was able to share screens, without my doing anything. So I'm inferring that the "share" setting is a global one.
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