Guardian crossword and iPad capital letters
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Recently had to reset my iPad for other reasons, and now it fills the Guardian (UK) crossword puzzle in lower-case letters. I don't like it and want my caps back.

I may get the prize for the most trivial question asked this week, but fact is, I don't know who else to ask. I emailed the Guardian (I doubt it's actually their problem, but thought they might have encountered it before) and have not heard back.

iPad is last year's model, so it's not an antique, and is running the latest iOS. I have the Guardian app (the newspaper app, not their pay-as-you-go puzzle app). In the past, it always filled the puzzles in caps. I didn't even think about it – it just worked that way.

I had to reset the iPad after an unrelated issue, and now it uses lower case letters. I didn't add any fonts or tweak anything else to do with how it uses text or letters in the system or in any app.

I have not found any settings where the app or the operating system controls letter cases.

What am I not thinking of?
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Did you have to redownload the app after the reset? It could be that you may have had an older version of the app installed prior to reset, and now the newer version is different.
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littlesq, no, I didn't. The reset doesn't delete apps. Only after experiencing the problem with the lower case letters, I deleted and redownloaded the app, but that didn't fix it either.
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Have you looked into "Accessibility" under the Settings menu? My iPhone has a submenu called "Keyboards" and there is a toggle switch for "Show lowercase keys". I think the default is On.
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TWinbrook8, that sounded promising, but shutting off "Show lowercase" doesn't fix the problem with the Guardian app.

My workaround is to go to the Guardian site with iOS Safari and play the crosswords on their website from there (where I get caps just fine). The app would be a cleaner interface, but I'll adapt.
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I've got it! Main iPad Settings > General > Keyboard > Auto-Capitalisation.

I was surprised by this question, because the crossword on my iPhone has always, weirdly, been lower-case for me, and I'd assumed it was intentional on the Guardian's part, to fit with their general app style. Went and looked at it on the iPad: upper-case. Compared the Keyboard settings on the two devices, and bingo.
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