What is this odd American alternate history novel?
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I read it a few years ago, cannot recall the title or author? It starts off like a fairly generic American coming of age story about a lad who grows up in the Midwest, gets to know some beatniks & hippies in the late 50s & 60s, travels around America a bit, but then...

...but then the background details gradually start to deviate from history & get pretty weird as time progresses thru the 1960s. Hubert Humphrey becomes president and declares martial law as civil order breaks down. By the end of the story the protagonist is part of a commune in New Mexico negotiating with some local militias. There's also a quirky side-theme about vintage Plymouth automobiles.
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Is this it? Any Day Now
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(I've never read it, but the description sounded so Terry Bisson that I just searched his books.)
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Yeah, definitely "Any Day Now."
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FWIW, Uchronia is a complete-ish list of alternate history works - you can browse by divergence point (which in the case of Any Day Now looks to be about 1953).
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