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What was this ghost movie from the 80's?

When I was younger in the 80's I watched a (freaky to me at the time) movie - can you tell me what it was?

This is what I remember:
A woman lives in a house/apt being haunted by a male ghost. She is attacked by a real live human man and the ghost man throws the human man out the window. She then spends the better part of the movie living in the house (because, why not?) trying to resolve whether the ghost was good (protecting her) or bad (enjoys throwing people out of windows). What movie could this be?
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If you mixed up the timeline somewhat, this sounds like 1990s Ghost starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Ghost protects woman, in this case he is her former lover, she is apprehensive to the ghost's motives and in the end someone is thrown out a window.
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If you remember a sexy pottery wheel scene, Harald74 has it right.
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No, he's not haunting the apartment, and the question of whether he's good is not on the table; she knows who it is from the beginning.

No idea what it is, though; good luck!
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Are you sure it's from the 80s? Not possibly 1977?

It sounds a bit like The Sentinel by Michael Winner. But that's maybe more Zombie than ghostly??? Gah!

Your question has had me wracking my brain ALL DAY. I will not rest until we know. I need to see this film, whatever it is.
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Sure it was a ghost? Might it have been the Ozploitation cult classic Patrick, about a comatose telekinetic who stalks his nurse? (Ooh, there was a remake?)
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To respond to questions so far. Definitely not the movie "Ghost"- I know that one well. It could have been earlier than the 80's - but I saw it in the 80's and it struck me as contemporary. The other movies don't seem right.

One other thing I remember is a scene where the woman is in a towel and getting out of the shower, and she thinks the ghost is present, and says his name. Oooh, creepy!

Sorry this is so obscure!
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This was such a popular theme from the 1970/“s and 1980s! So much camp like There’s also Always, Heaven Can Wait, Oh, God! - and so many more.

One of the more moving ones was Truly Madly Deeply about a ghost played by Alan Rickman annoying his still-living girlfriend. Maybe that’s the one?
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Is this film super rapey by any chance? It sort of sounds like The Entity but the rapey ghost is not something most people gloss over.
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I think I found it: The Haunting Passion, starring Jane Seymour.

I skimmed through this full copy of the movie on youtube, and it looks like a burglar or something gets thrown out the window right around the 50-minute mark. And that might be the towel/shower scene you were thinking of about 15 minutes after that.
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alyxstarr got it, wow!!! Thank you!
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