Ice cream delivery in St Louis?
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My best friend moved to the St Louis, MO area (she’s actually in Fenton) last year. Today she just called because she had to put her dog that she’s had for 16 years down. If she still lived here, I’d make her some ice cream to try to help her feel better. Is there anywhere in St Louis that would deliver her some? I saw there’s a Jeni’s there that’s doing contactless delivery, which would be perfect, but she’s out of their delivery area.

Other deliverable suggestions for the St Louis area that I can get delivered today are also welcome.
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Clementine's Creamery is delicious--your friend is probably slightly a few miles outside their standard delivery area (they deliver within 10 miles of their Clayton location) but it looks like they partner with Postmates and Grubhub to deliver to the rest of the St. Louis area outside that radius.
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When I lived in STL, I worked for Oberweis Dairy’s home delivery program (aka the milkman). It looks like that’s still a thing. It was primarily focused on milk, but they offered ice cream as well. I never tried it, but the milk is delightful, so I’d expect the ice cream to be decent also.
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Not sure if Crown Candy Kitchen is affiliated with a delivery service that will reach out to Fenton, but it's a good place to start...

Check your memail.
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(oh, and Clementine's and the Fountain on Locust may be other ideas...)
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Jeni's ships their ice cream nationwide in insulated boxes with dry ice - no proximity to a scoop shop required!
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We've gotten and Jeni's delivery from a non-location, and can endorse it.
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I couldn’t get Postmates or Grubhub to work for Clementine’s, so I texted them and begged and they’re going to deliver outside of their radius for her! And they look amazing! Thanks, y’all!
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