Another mask question: Where to buy mask that fits the following...
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I would like to buy a mask (actually 8 adults size and 2 child size) mask that fits the following criteria: At least 2 tight-weave layers of cotton, filter pocket, nose-fitting wire, goes under chin and generally fits well, available in child size for a 3 year old. I would love a mask with the choice of over-the head (with elastic not ties) or behind-ear wearing but that is optional. I am in Toronto, so something local or within Canada would be great, but open to other options. I cannot pick up, so would want them shipped, even if local.
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These are kinda handy and ship to Canada. When shopping for fabric, get a stack of cotton “fat quarters”. I use shop towels (usually blue, sold at automotive parts stores) as filter media.
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These are made in Canada, and I can attest they’re great; I use a coffee filter in the filter pocket. I think they tick most of your boxes except for the nose wire and maybe the smaller sizes for toddlers, but they’re adjustable and fit extremely well.
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I was looking the other day for a friend, and I found an article on where to get masks in Canada, organized by city ; there are also Canadian sellers on Etsy.

I also know someone who has been making masks locally (N's mom) who may be able to drop some off; they are simple pleated masks with ear loops - two layers of cotton, but no pocket for an additional filter. Currently adult size only, could be prevailed upon to make a child size.
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Sorry - Etsy link is broken. But if you search, you will find sellers.
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A Canadian designer is offering masks that fit your criteria for the adult sizes: Ramonalisa
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An updated: I couldn't find any masks that fit the required criteria.

A relative ended up making some. Even then it was hard to find a pattern that did not have the seam or filter opneing over the mouth/nose area (why would you want a bunch of holes poked in the mask right in front of your mouth and nose?). We modified a pattern online to put the filter opening down at the bottom of the mask around the chin.
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