ISO soft, woven floss
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My beloved Gentle Gum Care floss has been discontinued. Any recommendations for a replacement that is soft and easy on the gums? I find Glide and the like sort of sharp and painful.
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Cocofloss! I'm a former quasi-satisfied Glide user who was blown away by how soft and effective this product is. It "blooms" between your teeth and gets out every molecule of gunk while being incredibly gentle. Expensive, and there's sort of a cult around it, but I love this stuff, and even carry around little samples to try and convert people.
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Best answer: Radius has this. I haven't tried the full roll, but a friend sent me some of their little floss travel satchets, and I immediately noticed how soft they felt.
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Dr. Tung's Floss
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I am...heartbroken. That is also my floss of choice. I did fall in love with Prokudent Sensitiv floss when I visited Germany a few years ago, and I fear that is also discontinued. It is a firmer floss that came in a round black container. So I just searched amazon for "black dental floss" hoping that maybe someone is selling it here. No dice, but! There are a lot of other dental floss choices that I'd never seen before. Maybe the reviews on them will lead you to your new floss.

As for me, I used to have subscribe and save set up on the Reach floss, so I have...a few more rolls left.
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Re: Dr. Tung's - I was also a dedicated Gentle Gum Care floss user, and Dr. Tung's isn't quite the same. It's thicker, not quite as soft, and doesn't have that woven/braided quality. I might buy it again, but I don't see it as a replacement for Gentle Gum Care.

(I haven't found an adequate substitute yet, so thank you for asking this question!)
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*Takes a seat on the "Dejected at no more woven floss" bench*. I have been hoping this was just a temporary shortage. Then sheltering in place kept me from going to drug stores to see if I could find any and cleaning them out. *shakes fist at 2020*

I have the same issue with the Glide 'tape' floss.

Thank you for asking this question and the people that gave some options. My backup plan has been to use the bamboo floss my boyfriend uses. Something like this: white bamboo floss It isn't as good at the woven floss but wasn't painful like the Glide tape.
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We (ms. qurlyjoe & I) use Johnson & Johnson's Listerine Gentle Gum Care minted floss. It's got cinnamon flavoring. It's a woven floss. We haven't seen it in stores for a while but I was able to buy some thru Amazon several months ago. If you can deal with the cinnamon and mint part, and Amazon too, this might be a good option for you.
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Response by poster: Qurlyjoe, that’s the floss I loved. After missing it for months, I checked the official Listerine site and it has been discontinued. All I can find on Amazon is a single pack for $80.
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Response by poster: Just ordered the cocofloss and Radius nylon. Will report back after they arrive!
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Out of curiosity, how long have you tried other types of floss? When I've gone a few days without flossing, it's painful at first, but my gums quickly adjust as I keep going, so I wonder if it might just take you time. I love Listerine Cool Mint floss, which is not sold as a gentle floss, though I think it's pretty soft. It's waxed and tastes delicious.
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One bit of anecdata - I’d switched to bamboo floss about 3 months before my last cleaning, and my hygienist was amazed at the lack of tartar. That was the *only* change in my routine. No changes in diet either.
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erloteiel, are you me? I was going to post this question! If you're not actually me please do post your floss report so I know how to fill the gaping floss-shaped void in my life.
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I am also deeply mourning that floss, and can't believe it didnt change the entire industry. Regular floss is a total joke in comparison. I like Cocofloss though.
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This is/was my favorite floss too. Just checked eBay and they're going for $25/pack. I'll be following this ...thread as well.
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I know that not everyone likes it but I use Tom's of Maine dental floss (tape?) and I'm much happier with it, being flatter and wider than any of the skinnier, more tubular flosses. I get it in a six-pack from Amazon.
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I was also really sad to see the Gentle Gum Care go! I switched to GUM Expanding Dental Floss and like it almost as much. I've only used the one in the white box, so I'm not sure about the purple.
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I love the cocofloss coconut flavor so much. It’s a life changing floss.
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Have you considered using a Waterpik instead of string floss? My dentists/hygienists recommended it for years because I hated flossing so much. I got one a month ago because I'm way overdue for a cleaning and who knows when I'll get one next, and it's SO much better. Wish I'd gotten one years ago.
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Response by poster: My verdict: I think the Radius organic is a very good sub for the Gentle Gum Care. The texture is similar and I enjoy using it. No pain, feels soft! It looks the way I imagine the Gum Expanding floss to be but I haven’t bought a pack of that to compare. The Radius gets points over the Gum brand for its plastic-free packaging.
Cocofloss made my teeth hurt. I think it’s a little thicker, maybe? It’s not soft but the texture wasn’t bad. I didn’t love it enough to justify the extra cost. The unit price is higher and the package size is fewer yards.
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