How are you finding out about cool virtual events?
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Since COVID began, I have "attended" live literature panels, storytelling shows and dance parties via Zoom and YouTube Live that I never would have checked out otherwise. The way I'm finding out about them is very piecemeal - I will just happen to open Twitter, or I'll feel curious about a cultural group and visit their website, etc. I would love to know about more of these types of events. Are there any centralized listings for Zoom- (or other streaming) based cultural events, classes, performances and the like?

These are *live events* not recordings, and many of them have some way to talk back/participate - for example, I attended a storytelling show where you could "clap" for the tellers in the moment, and a dance party where you could be "on screen" with the rest of the dancers. I'm fine with paying for admission.
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Best answer: I've found that local old-school media (print, radio) is doing weekly roundups of recommended picks, like they used to do for live in-person events. For example, LA Weekly's "arts at home." Regardless of where you live, you might find major metropolitan media outlets have a good list of upcoming events.
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Best answer: I've been checking this TimeOut New York page periodically (re-directs to the correct date daily) for streaming theater/opera/music/dance performances, both live and pre-recorded. There are a wide variety of payment and interaction levels, and everything I've done has been great.
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Best answer: The No Proscenium website, which in happier times is a collection point for immersive and experiential theater performances, has a weekly round-up of productions and experiences that have gone digital due to Coronavirus. Lots of good stuff there and updates regularly!
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Best answer: The Social Distancing Festival is worth checking out for cultural events
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Best answer: Eventbrite has a list of online events; you can narrow the list down by selecting subject matter or type of event.
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Best answer: Now Magazine lists virtual events
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Best answer: 2nd’ing No Proscenium. My wife has been staying sane during the Covids by diving deep into the remote immersive theater space, which has so far included a statistically improbable three (!!!) pieces of theater designed to experience in the bath.
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Response by poster: Whoa, these are awesome, thank you everyone! This is exactly what I was looking for. MeFi for the win!
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