Academic phrase or come-on?
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I’m looking for some phrases or terminology from academia that could also be applied to flirting. I’m writing a lighthearted, but ultimately sad, short story about a girl having an emotional affair with a classmate who’s a few years older than her.

So far I have:
• independent study
• Did the reading
• Homework
• Failed the take-home

What else?
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Sharpened pencils
Rearranged the desks
Posted the grades
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Did a group project
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office hours
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Do some cramming
If its an English course - "Isn't it ironic that if you pronounce innuendo correctly it's a double entendre"
Maybe you can do something with "grading on a curve" or "breaking the curve"
"Studying anatomy"
"Pull an all-nighter"
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failed the test
got an A+
extra credit
late for class
didn't study hard enough
took good notes
fell asleep in class
used the wrong tense
made the honor society (or dean's list)
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Repeat policy, repeat the course
Get a waiver
Get on the deans list
Magna Cum Laude
Natural Sciences
Syllabus available for pick-up

ugh, stick a fork in it
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got an extension
made the dean's list
easy A
broke the curve
taking a practicum
aced the lab
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At a neuroscience journal club, someone presented a paper which showed that sexual arousal/ gratification improved a memory task.

We kept using "Study with a buddy." <wink><nudge>
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I know "internal assessment" got a lot of mileage when I was at school.
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Is this limited to general academia? Because the sciences have whole webpages dedicated to this; that is just one and others may be better. You have to skim the whole list as some are more overt/obnoxious than subtext/flirting
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did some labwork
went through a deep analysis
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Department of Academic Affairs
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Is his name Ed? Then maybe she's "taking physical ed".
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Not academic strictly speaking, but the jargon files used "priority interrupt."
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Asking for an extension
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"Can we unpack that?"
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How has no one mentioned an oral defense of your dissertation
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