Looking for TV shows or movies with amazing scenery
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Pretty much what it says in the title. I want to travel from the comfort of my couch.

I just finished watching Virgin River on Netflix and I found myself really loving the shots of the British Columbia landscape interspersed throughout the show. I want to watch more TV shows set in pretty places. I don't care if the show is mystery or drama, the only criteria is that it be set in a place with amazing scenery which is shown on screen. I have no issues reading subtitles so the show or movie does not need to be English speaking. I have access to Netflix, Hulu, CBS All-Access, and Amazon Prime. I'm thinking of signing up for Acorn TV.


TV: Loch Ness (Scotland), The Coroner (Devon), Just started Hinterland (Wales).

Movies: Mama Mia (Greece)
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Lost (shot in Hawaii)
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Not sure how findable any of these are but I've liked the looks of: Doc Martin (Cornwall), Zen (detective show, Italy) and Wallander (Sweden)
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Brokeback Mountain is one of the most visually gorgeous movies I know of. I'm from that area and I cry every time I see the movie because of the tragic love story, of course, but also because it makes me deeply homesick for the Rocky Mountains. So beautiful.
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Top of the Lake.
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) is an absolutely gorgeous movie, and the story goes all over the world. (I actually hate this movie, but it's undeniably gorgeous.)
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Season 4 Episode 3 of Black Mirror - Crocodile
Amazing shots of Iceland.
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Detectorists is on Amazon
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So, this is a little bit silly, but... Survivor. Lots of swooping shots of the islands they're filming on, especially once they started filming in HD. If you want, you can fast-forward through all the talking.

Same deal with the Amazing Race, if they ever decide to show that again.
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More Wales: Pride. I don't remember how much there is but the scenery is lovely and the movie is great.
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Devs (hulu). It's shot at UC Santa Cruz - gorgeous redwood forest scenery.
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On Acorn, you might like Vera (Northumberland). Through Amazon Prime you can also get Britbox, which has Shetland (the Shetland Isles), and also MHZ, which has a wealth of European shows. We've especially liked the scenery on Murder In..., a French series that is set in different places each episode, Inspector Montalbano (Sicily), and Murder by the Lake (Lake Constance).
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Sex Education is filmed in an around Symonds Yat in the Wye Valley -- where England meets South Wales. It's a beautiful place in real life, so much green, and the photography makes it look more so.
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The BBC Earth series has really beautiful photography.
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This is kind of a left-field suggestion but I've been recently addicted to videos by Rambalac on Youtube for scratching that travel bug. They're all just high-quality video of long walks around different parts of Japan with no narration at all, only the ambient sound. Some are in beautiful natural places and some are crowded, lively urban environments and they're all just great little getaways.
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The Brokenwood Mysteries and Killing Eve.
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Tarsem Singh's The Fall is unicorn of a movie, of which Ebert said: Tarsem...spent millions of his own money to finance "The Fall," filmed it for four years in 28 countries and has made a movie that you might want to see for no other reason than because it exists. There will never be another like it.

YT trailer. The wikipedia page (plot summary has spoilers) has a list of locations.
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Older: Out of Africa, A River Runs Through It , Koyaanisqatsi (slightly kidding, but Koyaanisqatsi is amazing)
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Came here to mention The Fall. The locations are so amazing you'll think they're CGI. They're not.
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Thirding The Fall.

Also try Never Cry Wolf (Canada and Alaska), Local Hero (Scotland), Days of Heaven (wheat fields of Alberta), Lawrence of Arabia (Jordan, Morocco, Spain), The Beach (Thailand).
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There's a Canadian-South African co-production (I know!) called Charlie Jade on Amazon Prime that doesn't look like anything else around. It was filmed in and around Cape Town and takes place in three different universes that a couple people can travel through, sort of color-coded, and it's really visually stunning.

I recently watched Red Sea Diving Resort on Netflix and it was also filmed in South Africa and has amazing landscapes. The movie itself isn't the best, and is very white-savior-y, but it looks great (and features Chris Evans and some of the other male stars in little tiny seventies shorts, so there's that visual as well if you're into that). Bonus fun is spotting some of the Charlie Jade actors in it.

Seconding the stunning The Fall. Man, I love that movie.
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Find movies shot in Australia or New Zealand. Films that come to mind --
Man from Snowy River (1982) and Man from Snowy River II (1988)
The Lord of the Rings series.

As it turns out, Jurassic Park (1993) was filmed in Kauai and Oahu.
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The Durrells might be gorgeous- I’ve never seen the show, only read the novel, but the luscious Mediterranean coasts of Corfu Greece figured prominently into the book, so hopefully they star in the tv show as well!
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Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami was a master filmmaker and an astonishing landscape artist. You can see examples by typing "kiarostami landscapes" into a Google image search. Unfortunately, streaming might be difficult. The Wind Will Carry Us is on Kanopy, which may be free for you if you have a library card, depending on your library. A bunch of his other films are currently streaming on Criterion Channel, which has a 14-day free trial, including three films known as the "Koker trilogy" and A Taste of Cherry.
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Another recommendation for The Fall. Also, Broadchurch has spectacular scenery.
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TV series: Outlander (Scotland). I can confirm the recommendation above for The Durrells (Corfu).
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Not sure how you feel about British costume dramas, but Enchanted April starts in miserable grey rainy 1920s Britain and then the characters rent a villa in Italy where it is summer and everything is ravishingly beautiful. Definitely a dream vacation of a movie.

A Room With A View also features beautiful Italy as well as lovely English countryside, and is a charming romance.
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Death in Paradise is set on a beautiful carribean island, and is so fun to watch.
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On the Smithsonian cable channel there's a series called Aerial America. There are others there that cover other countries. In a sort of similar (visually) vein, the movie Winged Migration has a lot of stunning photography. Lots of classic Western movies have great scenic settings.
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The mention of Death in Paradise reminded me of the Jesse Stone movies, set in fictional Paradise, MA, with lots of Nova Scotia coastal scenery. Not the really spectacular Minas Basin stuff, because there's nothing like that in MA.
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The Revenant is gorgeous.
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This is non-fiction, but Netflix's The World's Most Extraordinary Homes feature amazing homes that are almost always located in locations that are just as amazing.
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The Night Manager is a pretty good Le Carre adaptation, with lots of Euro/Mediterranean scenery.

Six Underground is pretty bad, in that post-human filmmaking style Michael Bay has perfected. But if you want to see explosions and stunts performed against a gorgeous backdrop of shiny, glittering cityscapes, it's pretty ok.
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Under the Tuscan Sun has great views of Italy - not just Tuscany
A Walk in the Clouds shows California wine country
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Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man has some stunning shots of Alaska (and bears!)

I also love getting lost in Happy People: a Year in the Taiga.
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Priscilla Queen of the Desert. The Australian Outback. It's not exactly pretty but it is stunning.
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Hitchcock's "The Trouble With Harry," 1955. Fall foliage in Vermont.
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The 2005 Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley always takes my breath away. Stunning shots of Derbyshire cliffs and fields, and of course beautiful country house manors.

If you're a foodie, you should check out Chef's Table on Netflix, too. They profile chefs from all around the world and there are oodles of juicy shots of them preparing pasta, sampling fish, gathering herbs, etc. in their respective countries.

(The Fall enthusiasts unite!)
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If you can get hold of them, Great X Railway|Railroad Journeys are ideal armchair tourist fodder.

For X substitute Alaskan, American, Asian, Australian, British, Continental, Indian.
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From just last year, a massively overlooked movie, Terrence Malick's A Hidden Life. (trailer)
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Belle (dir. Amma Asante) is a gorgeous film.
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