Backyard games for acrobatic husband
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I’m looking for recommendations for backyard games or equipment I can buy for my husband, who enjoys physical challenges. Slack line is a great example. He also has paralettes that he likes to use for practicing handstands. What are some other solo or 2-player backyard toys I can get for his birthday? Bonus if we can bring it indoors during winter. Thanks!
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Stilts. I enjoyed using the wooden ones at historical museums.
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Rola bola
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Add juggling to the slackline.
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Perhaps a unicycle? In previous times I used to see someone riding one on a bike path along the Delaware River and it always made me smile.
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A trampoline? My 12yo is into Instagram and youtube "flipper" culture, and Acon (his top choice) and Skywalker (his second choice) are popular brands. They have a stronger bounce than recreational backyard trampolines, for advanced tricks.

You husband might also like an AirTrak, an inflatable runway sort of thing that gymnasts use to learn skills on before they move to the floor. My son has used them in gymnastics, and has bought a couple to have at home for tumbling.
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Juggling-related toys that came to mind are diabolo and devil sticks, but in looking those articles up, I found a whole long list of skill toys, which you might find interesting.

If your backyard is big enough, maybe a stunt kite?
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Also, he might look into circus arts, if he is really interested in things like juggling as well as big whole-body stuff. Hand balancing—taking the basic handstand into extraordinary places—is a thing, as is foot juggling. I have a friend who does circus and it's really wonderful. I'm sure there are youtube tutorials and possibly online classes as well. The New England Center for Circus Arts is offering online classes now.
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A blowgun is nice fun and can work indoors. Not sure if shooty stuff is physical enough, but if that’s appealing a set of nice sling shots can also be a a lot of two player backyard fun.
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Perhaps a unicycle?

My dad bought us kids a unicycle when we were little that we had absolutely zero interest in. So my dad learned to ride a unicycle in his late 40s.

We also had the old fashioned wooden stilts, which were a lot of fun.
Pogo sticks are harder than they look.
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You don’t give a budget but if you want to go big, a Cyr wheel or a German wheel.
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Archery set!
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Adjustable ploy box for jumping.
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Gymnastics rings can be fun if you have a place to put them.
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Nting unicycle. "Extreme pogo" is worth a look.
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Hand balancing canes! That would take his paralettes practice to the next level.
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Spinning poi
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Kangaroo Jumps
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Kangoo Jumps, or the bigger version: jumping stilts eg Air Trekkers
Maybe a One Wheel
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If he already likes paralettes, maybe he’d like gymnastic rings? You can hang those (or aerial silks, or a trapeze) on a backyard stand like this one.
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Seconding jumping stilts or a trampoline. (Jumping is super fun.)
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Hang-able rock climbing holds. hang them from a tree or maybe somehow in your house. Like from a pull-up bar
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