Mother's Day gift ideas for a special person
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Any great Mother’s Day gift ideas for my wife? She's a Sondheim fan who likes to play percussion but can’t with her usual group, though she could play piano. She enjoys peanut butter eggs and cherry Coke zero, but doesn’t drink much in the way of alcoholic beverages.

She likes cats, earrings, and fun socks. Our tween is home and we have a decent quantity of craft supplies to make something, though I already got a card. She likes flowers but the local florists are closed. Please, ideas that we can mail order or otherwise currently obtain in California (location in profile) by May 12th, and bonus points for independent craftspeople. We already have plenty of streaming services and clothes in general are out. $100 or less?
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Does your grocery store still have flowers? Ones around here do, even though our florists are closed as well.
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Some plant nurseries are delivering in California (indoor and outdoor plants). Does your place have a yard, to plant a flowering shrub that will do well in your climate (which I'm guessing from a previous question mentioning a part of California; I don't see your location on your profile page atm)? For independent craftspeople, at Etsy you can enter your ZIP code/city/etc. into the "Shop Location' window in, say, the jewelry category, opt for "handmade," and find great sub-$100 earrings. That local seller could probably mail to you within your window (or possibly drop off your purchase, with no contact).
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She has the book Finishing the Hat, right? If not, there you go.
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Do you have some time? Pretty paper? Ability to cut squares and fold origami? Some nice buttons or other small doodads? Florists are closed?

kusudama flowers. There are lots of paper flowers out there, but with a probably six months my sister and mum did enough for her wedding, including gorgeous bouquets for her and her bridesmaids. These aren't that hard to fold and you could make a nice bouquet, bonus you can keep them!
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Socks: I love sockdreams. A friend recently ordered from John's Crazy Socks and raved about them.

Sondheim: has she already watched the recent 90th birthday concert? If not, you could suggest watching it together.
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I really like jewelry from Melissa Joy Manning, based in Berkeley. My partner has given me several really lovely pairs of earrings from there as gifts over the years. They have a 10% off code and are shipping orders.
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There is a second book after Finishing the Hat called Look I Made a Hat. The pair works nicely!
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Sounds like some of the stuff at Gravel and Gold might be right up her alley? Ooh and Lili Arnold is cali based too, and makes really gorgeous stuff!
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