Is This Settlement For Me?
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I received a $120 check from a class action lawsuit. Great! Except... I don't think I ever bought the product involved. Am I missing something? Can I still deposit the check?

I just received a check in the mail for a recent AMD CPU Settlement (info on according to the accompanying information) filed in 2015. The only problem is, I've been using a Mac for the past decade or so and have never bought a standalone CPU in my life. Also, the check was sent to my mother's house, where I haven't lived for 15 years. Also, the lawsuit seems to primarily involve consumers who live in California, where I have never lived.

Doing a quick Google search shows me that others have received their checks and the whole thing seems to be on the up-and-up, but all the results I'm finding are on PC builder forums and Reddit and such, where there are people who seem like they are in the prime demo for the product being sold.

From my cursory research it seems like these sorts of CPUs aren't for phones or any other kind of electronics that I would have bought, and unless I'm missing something major, or I'm forgetting, like, buying a CPU for a friend who didn't have a credit card or whatever 7 years ago (but I really think I'd remember that), then I have no idea what this would be in connection to.

So, any idea what's going on here? And, most importantly, can I still deposit the check regardless?
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Best answer: Did you see this part of the settlement webpage?

"You must submit a valid claim form either online or by mail. This is the only way to receive a payment."

It's odd that you received a check without submitting a claim form. Is there anyone or any company who might have submitted a claim on your behalf?

The sceptic in me also wonders if this is some sort of scam that's pretending to be part of the AMD settlement (though I can't figure out how it would work).
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Response by poster: Ha! Based on that I, called my brother on a whim and he apparently signed me up for it based on a computer I helped him buy a decade ago. Mystery solved, and now I get to buy him a nice housewarming gift with it.
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