Reading in bed: backmax or something else?
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I really need a more ergonomic and comfortable way to position myself when I read (which I do in bed and also sitting on the floor with my back leaned against my bed frame.) Is a BackMax (set of contoured adjustable pillows that zip together) worth it for $160 or should I cobble together something similar from wedge pillows and elevated leg pillows? I don't just want a "husband pillow" - I want a more complete system that will be really comfortable and minimize strain.
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I have an elevated leg pillow like you link to, and I do love it (though my motiviation is for dealing with lower back issues). It's not hard to cobble together a combo of that and a few pillows under my upper body to make a nice position. But when I clicked on that BackMax thing you led to, I have to admit I oohed and aahed for a sec. That looks pretty wonderful, and I really want it.

However I will say that you will need some significant space to store even just the elevated leg pillow. It's large and firm, and dealing with it when I don't want it on the bed is a bit of a hassle. And the BackMax would be even more to deal with.
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Your pillow looks great. I use cobbled together pillows with this tablet stand to hold the book overhead
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That BackMax pillow looks awesome, but not necessarily great for reading. I have a hacked-together setup that approximates the shape of the BackMax using about 7 regular pillows and a wedge, and it's great for my back but not great for reading -- my hands and wrists get very strained trying to hold the book up.
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Response by poster: my hands and wrists get very strained trying to hold the book up.

I basically only read on my kindle, so that's a factor for me. But also what other positions do people do that are better in that respect (other than using some kind of book stand, which seems independent of chair/pillow setup)? I wear glasses and it makes lying on my side while reading difficult (I've looked into cutout pillows for that but that seems iffy.)

It feels weird that I haven't sorted this out, but I read a lot as a kid (no glasses, young body) and then had some vision issues that interfered with doing much pleasure reading for awhile and I'm trying to get back into the habit.
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Response by poster: Update: I got this (very very firm) wedge to test out and I feel sold on the general concept of wedge pillows but definitely need to mess around with other pillows to make it comfortable for reading. So I decided to spring for the BackMax, which is on Woot right now for what feels like a bargain (especially since that's the wider version.) I don't have floor space for (or the budget or ability to shop in person for) a recliner or comfortable couch and I'll be spending so much time at home for the foreseeable future that it felt like a reasonable investment. I'll update again when I get it.
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