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A friend and I have been coordinating GOTV efforts for the past few elections. Over the winter, we hosted "letters to voters" parties with a plan to do GOTV canvassing once the weather turned warmer. Covid-19 upset those plans so now we've got our volunteers writing letters at home. We need a cute phrase we can put on small envelopes for people to contribute stamps and/or money toward buying stamps for all these letters we're having written.

At the parties, we had a tip jar set up to solicit funds. But people often needed reminders about it, and we think we'll need a subtle reminder as well for those writing letters at home. We don't want anyone to feel compelled to donate; most of our volunteers are comfortably off although the pandemic may have changed that. So far, we've come up with phrases like "A few bucks here, a few stamps there, and pretty soon, we'll have enough to mail all these letters! Thanks for tossing in a few!" but I'm sure hoping someone has a better idea. Funny, catchy, punny, silly; all thoughts are welcome!
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We're doing everything we can to GOTV, but need your help.
Please share cash or stamps if you can to help in our letter-writing campaign.
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"There's free speech and free beer, but postage isn't free."
"Postage isn't free, it's a mouth you got to feed."
"Would it kill you to give us a stamp or a couple of bucks you cheap bastid?"
"Get out the wallet for GOTV!"
"Give a hoot, donate a stamp or some cash to GOTV!"
"Only you can prevent GOTV postage and mailing expenses."
"I want you! To give a stamp or some cash to GOTV!"
"One banana two banana three banana four, please give us a stamp we know you're not that poor."
"A stamp is one of the best guarantees of a continuing democracy."
"The price of liberty is a stamp."
"Lick GOTV postage expenses, donate a stamp or cash to GOTV!"
"You know who else never donated toward GOTV mailing expenses? Hitler."

Your stamps and cash contributions help defray GOTV postage and mailing costs.
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