Tasty, tasty almond flour
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I have some toasted almond flour! I want to do something delicious with it, preferably sweet / desserty. What should I make?

The internet is clogged up with Keto / low-carb, gluten-free recipes that use almond flour, so it's hard to find recipes that I want. Assume no diet restrictions.

Along with a well stocked pantry, I have the following additional items on hand, which may be relevant to my options:
Roasted pistachios
Cream cheese
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I know this is a Passover recipe but it is so good I make it whenever.

Lemon almond torte
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I made a berry tart with almond flour for Thanksgiving and it really enhanced the berries tremendously.
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Oh hey, I asked about almond flour the other day: Recipes to showcase almond and/or oat flour. Maybe you'll find something perfect in there? I'm planning to make amaretti tomorrow.
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Nigella Lawson has this clementine cake recipe that I love. It calls for oranges but I think it would be great with lemons (or really any citrus) instead. She also has a chocolate olive oil cake that has no butter or flour, so it's handy for those digging-in-the-pantry baking days.

I'm about to make these very basic King Arthur almond flour shortbread cookies just to have a little something around to have with a cup of tea.
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If you really want to showcase the almond flour alone and have an Instant Pot, you could try this recipe for a classic Indian sweet - badam katli (a kind of almond fudge).
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I would say the canonical Western dessert thing to make with almond flour is French Macarons.
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Or macaroons!
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Tarte de Santiago! I use a recipe from Cook's Illustrated (which is, sadly, behind a paywall.)
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I’ve made these brutti ma buoni and these very similar amaretti and i can recommend them both.

(even better if you’re using egg whites leftover from your hollandaise sauce for the eggs benedict you just made, if i may make a menu suggestion)
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Yep, Nigella Lawson's citrus cake. I've made it with all sorts of citrus fruits. It's delicious.
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Opera cake/gateau (which uses almond flour to make the joconde sponge cake)! I've made this and it's a little skill/time-intensive but incredibly delicious and a great quaratine project.
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Oooh, galette des rois! This recipe uses frozen puff pastry so it's easy peasy. I bought almond flour specifically to make it (I discovered this cake while studying abroad in France years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since) and now need to check out the other recipes above.
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