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At work we use Bonsai and FishEye to browse our source control tree. Bonsai isn't that great of a product and FishEye costs a lot and is overkill for my needs, anyone know of any other good tools in this space?

When we just had Bonsai I prefered just using the command line to browse our source. However work recently switched to FishEye and I can see the appeal of tools like this. In fact I like it enough that I'd like to use a simaler tool for personal (but non open source) products I work on by myself. Do people know of other good tools in this space? I'd like a web front end if possible, but an OSX only client would work if that's the only option.

I'd like it to be free or cheap and able to handle cvs, svn, and possibly perforce. Otherwise ease of use trumps feature requirements.
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A lot of people seem to like Trac, an open-source system which combines a wiki, bug tracker and source-code browser and leverages all three to create a semi-cohesive project management tool. It does Subversion natively, but Trac is extensible; plugins for other version control systems such as Perforce exist.
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I like ViewVC (formerly "ViewCVS"; now does both CVS and Subversion). It's web-based and free, and widely used in the open-source world. (It's built in to, for example.) Nothing real fancy, but I like its interface better than Bonsai.
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