Borrowing academic textbook
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Looking for resources for borrowing an ebook version of an academic textbook.

My high school student is distance learning and needs to write a research paper for her English final. She was excited to find a resource - I refer to it as an academic textbook, but that may not be best description. However, we were a bit daunted by its price (least expensive option we found was $66 US). Normally we would do an InterLibrary Loan, but obviously that is not available to us at this time. Additionally, it appears that it is not possible to borrow an ebook through our library accessing WorldCat. Just in case I am missing a step, I thought I would check here as I know there are many fantastic librarians and academics on MetaFilter! If it is helpful to know the book is Doubting the Divine in Early Modern Europe. I did find a used print copy for about $50, but in addition to high price tag I worry about receiving it in time, so I am leaning toward ebook options. She has offered to find a different source, and that may be what's necessary, but I thought it was worth an ask first. I do not believe we will get assistance from her teacher, but she did send an email tonight, just in case.
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This is a bit out of left field, but does your daughter qualify for a membership to bookshare? This is available for people with specific disabilities, and is all electronic.
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Just sent you a memail.
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I did some searching through my college library's access, and we didn't seem to have any access. Other folks who have academic library access may have more luck. Try this link at Cambridge University Press
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Thank you all so much, really appreciate everyone's help. It looks like we can get her started with one of the chapters and see if that works for her, I bet her teacher will be understanding. She does not qualify for Bookshare, but that is fantastic resource to know about as I do know several students that would qualify.
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Many libraries are now interlibrary loaning ebooks. It might be worth asking your library if they can get it for you.
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Oh, great - totally worth an ask!
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Just wanted to thank everyone for their help with our question. And with help from several posters she was able to see all the chapters that she needed for her research paper, so she's going to be busy this weekend. Asking the MetaFilter community was a fun moment for her, as she has grown up with me reading MetaFilter, and she even helped answer a book suggestion book ask once. Marking this as resolved and really all answers were best in my mind.
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