Starting points for video/audio production on an iPad Pro?
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I’m starting to create educational video at home as supplementary material for my remote students: brief, fun explainers and talks, reply videos, etc. I only have an iPad Pro (and an older iPhone) at home. I’ve been using super basic tools, like cloud recording through the Zoom app, but I’d like to get better at this: to edit, do voiceover, and produce nicer videos. Could you point me to good starting points for the apps, best practices, workflows, and so on for doing this well with only a tablet?
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Best answer: I don't produce slick things, not at all. What I do do as part of my (usual, not currently viable) job is record video of athletes, trim-polish-edit-collect clips which are then judiciously shared with their home-program coaches.

I use a variety of video sources (though most comes from a GoPro and an older iPhone) and do the bulk of the wok on an iPar pro using LumaFusion. It's so much better than iMovie. And there's a healthy community of people sharing tips & tutorials.

I'd honestly start there - a search for "LumaFusion tutorials" returns lots of interesting and helpful results. I've found it well worth the money.

The multi-track audio equivalent is Ferrite
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