Good Xbox game for two cooped-up tweens?
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Our kids, 10 and 13, have an Xbox but very few games. What is a good age-appropriate game they can play together?

We keep a pretty tight lid on the kids' ability to play games - only on weekends and only for a few hours. We also haven't let them buy many games. They have Minecraft and a Star Wars-themed game called Battlefront or something like that.

They don't know much about what games are out there and I don't really either. I would like to treat them with something for these new cooped-up days, but I don't know what to buy.

* They need to be able to play together either on the same screen or a split screen.
* It can't be totally violent or lewd, like GTA.
* Something like Mario Cart would be great (fun, not violent, play together), but they wanted an Xbox rather than a Nintendo (I don't know why).
* It should be something they can play in short bursts; i.e., not a multi-hour role player.

Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks
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Hey! It would help answer if we knew which xbox they had. Is it an Xbox One?
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How about Rocket League? I visited some relatives a couple of years back and their son was around 10 and loved that game. He also was playing Battlefront fwiw.
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If they follow any pro sports then the EA game of that sport (eg Fifa 20, NBA 2k20, baseball, football, hockey, more?) might be a good bet. Especially as they aren't able to watch games on TV right now.
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Pikuniku for silly puzzle solving
Overcooked for frantic cooperative cooking
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime for cooperative rescuing of space rabbits
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Lego games are pretty fun, save often, so can be played in short episodes.
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Response by poster: They have an Xbox One.
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Response by poster: Also, some shooting etc is fine - just not a gore fest.
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Rocket league, nba 2k, Minecraft and Minecraft dungeons would probably be great. They’re available on Xbox game pass - I think your first month is $1 To try them all out, and then buy the ones you want at a 20% discount.
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Check out Overcooked 2.
Deceptively excellent.

Also, in the off chance they haven't played it... The old Portal 2 is one of the best cooperative games ever.
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Second Overcooked/Overcooked 2, and Rocket League.
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Earth Defense Force. Save the planet from a giant insect invasion!
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My sole purpose in getting an Xbox One was so I could play Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. It’s a wonderful co-op game with beautiful graphics that requires enthusiastic teamwork.
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They are older games, but I love the Ratchet & Clank series. Shooting is only of robots, so no blood -- I won't play blood and guts games. The stories are cute and funny, and the characters likeable.
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Rayman Legends!
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I came in to recommend Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime too! Lots of cooperation between the players though, could possibly lead to sibling meltdowns.
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Nthing Overcooked and Lego games.
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