What's the best scheduling program for the quarantine?
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Okay it's time for every day NOT to be Quaraday. I need to make a daily calendar and apple isn't really great for it. What do you find is the best calendar for being productive and addressing a bunch of tasks in different areas - writing, fitness, etc?
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I use Google Calendar for this - it's very easy to create a bunch of different calendars that are color-coded. You can view all of them at once, or you can hide each one if you want to just see a single calendar or a couple calendars at the same time.

Google calls each one a "calendar" but I prefer to think of them as different categories or labels since you can view all of them at the same time. Here's a screenshot to give you an idea: https://blog.tcea.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Screen-Shot-2018-05-10-at-12.33.39-PM-1.png. You can pick the color for each and set defaults for each such as default reminder times. And if you need to share calendars with someone you can share each one individually.
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I experimented with a QuaraCalendar last week and it was super nice to have a routine. My personal schedule (which I've created blocks in my personal google calendar, which overlays on my work calendar since I've imported it). It works well since it repeats daily. I don't bother with color coding -

7 am - wake up

7:15 - write for a hour

8:15 - 9:00 - get ready for the day (bfast, shower, etc.)

9 - 12: - work

12-1: cook lunch and go outside, maybe call a friend

1 - 5: work

5 - 6: either personal tasks (taxes, personal emails, etc.) OR work out. I alternate this time every other day.

6 - 7: walk, social facetimes

7 - 8: dinner

8 - 10: decompress. I try to turn off phone and computer and read. sometimes I cheat and watch trashy TV, but I have stopped feeling guilty about it, because you know - pandemic.


I deliberately have stacked the harder and more creative tasks first thing (writing). I find I feel accomplished for the rest of the day once I get that out of the way.
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I agree with Tehhund above, I like the color coding.
Here are my categories (in no particular order):
Reminders; To Do's: Done; Medical Appts:
You can have All Day or Timed hourly.
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I forgot to mention that of course you change the category to "Done" (with a different color) when completed, which gives satisfaction.
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To add to the Google calendar answers, yes I use multiple coloured calendars as labels, however for things on the shared calendar with my spouse (he doesn't need to see all of my work things) I can also colour code those events if there is a crossover (eg work thing that will impact on you.)
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I am too moody to stick to any kind of schedule, but I also want to be productive so what I've done is divided a little whiteboard in half.

On one side, daily tasks (e.g. dishes, exercise/fresh air, respond to Whatsapp messages, etc.)

On the other side, a running list of things I want to get done or could be working on (writing letters to friends, reading a book, cleaning out the storage closet, trying that new recipe, follow up with bank about XYZ, etc.) As I cross off lots of things on the this side of the board, I just replace them with other things.
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