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Hi all - I am looking for a podcast app which will list episodes from my subscribed shows in chronological order, oldest first. The closest I have found is a custom playlist in Apple Podcasts, with a filter of oldest first, but then it adds all historical episodes, going back years. This seems like a easy feature but I have not found it in any of the apps I've tried so far. Thanks for your help!
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PocketCasts will let you sort either way.
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Downcast is great! It's $3, but considering how much time I spend listening to podcasts, that price is trivial.

Having a custom playlist by oldest first (I have this, too!) only includes locally downloaded episodes.
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Best answer: What have you tried? Overcast certainly does it, probably out of the box, and that's one of the premier podcast apps on the iPhone. But if it's not the default it might not be 100% obvious how.
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Best answer: Overcast does it. In playlist sort settings your options are:

Oldest to Newest
Oldest to Newest by Podcast
Newest to Oldest
Newest to Oldest by Podcast

Playing around in my playlists, it looks like the "by podcast" option also date-sensitive, so Oldest to Newest by Podcast shows the podcast with the oldest episode first down through the most recent, then the podcast that comes next is the one with the second-oldest oldest episode, etc.
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Came in to say Downcast. Sort options are by date, duration, title, size or time left, all of those ascending or descending. You set a default behavior, and have the option to override the default with customized settings for specific podcasts.
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Podcast Addict does this pretty easily.
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Podcast Addict is great but, as far as I know, it's Android only. OP mentioned Apple Podcasts so they may have an iPhone.
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PodCruncher does this
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Pocketcasts lets you archive episodes you’ve already listened to (you can un-archive them if you want to hear them again), leaving you to sort the remaining episodes oldest to newest.
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Seconding Overcast. I do precisely this to have a separate smart playlist of podcasts where I'm working through the backlog, and I want to work through them in chronological order. It's a very, very flexible app and the other features (smart speed, voice boost) make it a fantastic app as well.
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Response by poster: Thank you! Going to give Overcast a try.
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