Help me remember YA Fantasy from the 90s
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I'm trying to find 2 90s YA fantasy novels that are entangled in my memory.

I believe I'm thinking of two different novels, but I may be wrong!

Novel A: Young women disguises herself as a man and is trained as a squire in a conventional fantasy setting. Coming of age, romance. Like a European Fantasy Mulan. I specifically remember the main character having to deal with getting her period and binding her chest while living in a dorm setting with other squires.

Novel B: Young man finds a dragon egg and raises it, set in the desert planet, lots of specific detail about raising the dragon and keeping it hidden from authorities. Maybe Dragonriders of Pern spin-off?

I would have read these in the early to mid-90s, likely a major publisher because I got them from the library.
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Response by poster: *set on a desert planet*
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Best answer: Is novel a one of the Alanna books by Tamora Pierce?
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Novel A sounds like Tamora Pierce's Keladry novels (Protector of the Small quartet)? Or Alanna novels?
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Best answer: Most likely the Alanna novels now that memory comes back... I don't think Keladry had to disguise herself, since Alanna paved the way.
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Best answer: A is totally the first Alanna book.

Could B be a book from the Pit Dragon Trilogy?
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Best answer: First book is from the Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce featuring Alanna of Trebond.

Second is definitely from the Pit Dragon series by Jane Yolen.
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Response by poster: Wow. Nailed it.

The Wiki pic for Alanna is even the edition I read!

I didn't know either one was a series. Looking forward to diving back in. Thanks everyone!
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Best answer: Agreeing with everyone else on book A. "Alanna: The First Adventure" by Tamora Pierce. Exactly the same aspects of it have stuck in my head.
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For the second try the Joust series by Mercedes Lackey. Or Dragonhaven by Robin Mckinley? Although Dragonhaven is set on an alternate earth, not in a desert.
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Your second book is likely one of the Anne McCaffrey Pern books. Pern isn't a desert planet but the dragons and fire lizards favour hot, sandy, nesting spots. My best guesses are:

Dragonsong: Menolly, a wannabe harper apprentice, runs away from home, imprints several firelizards by accident, and is eventually discovered by the authorities and brought back to be a harper, her story continued in Dragonsinger.

Dragondrums: Piemur, a harper apprentice, is marooned on the Southern Continent of Pern and imprints a young fire lizard whilst on a variety of adventures for his master.

These three books were published together as the Harper Hall anthology at one point so that might be the book you're thinking of?

Edit: Ah, much more likely to be the Jane Yolen books. Apologies - I didn't realise that you'd already marked it as the correct answer.
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Came in to second (third, fourth) the answers of Alanna: the first advanture (and its sequels) and The Pit Dragon trilogy. That Alanna cover was the best - it was also the one I read from the library (albeit in the mid-80s).
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The second one is also most likely to be by Tamora Pierce- as there is a young dragon being rescued and raised by Daine (a young girl or woman) in one of the Alanna -related sequels, I can't recall which one offhand...Wild Magic? Daine has her own book series, The Immortals, in which Alanna is a minor character. And the dragon is Kitten aka Skysong.
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Wild Magic
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