Successful Bluejeans breakout sessions?
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Have you had success using breakout sessions / breakout rooms in BlueJeans?

We've been trying to use BlueJeans for a college language class, but we're finding it buggy. Students end up stuck by themselves in a room or back in the main room, for instance. Have you run into that problem? Are there best practices that make it reliable?

It wouldn't be so bad to hear about alternatives, but this question is about BlueJeans specifically. University restrictions including FERPA-related concerns don't allow just trying something new. (There are 3 officially allowed, and Zoom, for instance, is not permitted.)

(Asking for my brother.)
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We use it for work---it is definitely buggy. Frankly the best practices we have found have been patience. Also plugging directly into a hard wired connection instead of WiFi helps.
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