Mansard? More like man-hazard!
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How can I protect myself against my own eavestrough?

Our house is a raised ranch style. Unfortunately, it's not just any raised ranch -- it's one that features a mansard roof. (This is NOT our house, but it's a similar idea.) While it looks like an adorable bunker (and it is!), the roof poses a lot of problems.

One issue is the eavestrough. It is basically at waist height. Now, this is GREAT for clearing gutters, but the problem is that in certain areas, like our front doorway or the back patio area where the gutter has to do a jog around a hydro meter, there are a lot of sharp metal edges just waiting to slice open someone's skin. Can you help me think of some material I could use to cover the gutter edges at these points that would protect us from the pointy bits without looking too weird? Also, in a year or two my toddler's head will be at gutter height, so would love to avoid that trip to the emergency room!
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I’d love to see a real picture of some portion of the problem area. On your example image, do you have gutters where the cedar shingle siding/roofing ends? I guess first I’d wonder if you need them at all. Then I’d try a planting strip with bushy plantings that keep heads away from sharp corners and/or fencing to define edges. Fencing could be quite low and decorative to keep feet away from danger zones. You could also just use the bumpers that they make for table edges for kids. It won’t look great and it won’t long-term weather but might get you through while you establish plants and borders. But also, do you even need the gutters? Maybe a roofer can give you an opinion on this.
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Sliced and cut to fit pool noodles slipped over the sharp edges?
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I was going to suggest slit plastic tubing, but then I found Trim-Lok Edge Trim which is made for this.
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If I'm understanding properly it is the outside corners of the eaves trough that is the problem and not a long exposed metal edge. So something that just slips over an edge won't work.

A friend who had this problem cut strips of clear headlight protector (the 1.5mm thick pliable stuff, not the thin stuff) to about 1.5" wide and applied it over the corners. It's clear so mostly unnoticeable and UV resistant and easy to install.

For high interaction areas like the door way you could also use pliable furniture corner protection. They aren't designed for outdoor use though so you might need to silicone them on rather than use the factory adhesive.
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Response by poster: Thanks -- had no idea that headlight protector film was a thing! That seems like it could work, assuming it adheres well.
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Wouldn't hurt to clean the metal with some rubbing alcohol before adhering the headlight protector.
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