Pandemic Bingo
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In an effort to break up the boredom and provide some stress relief, we'd like to start a Bingo game amongst our group of stay at homers. Instead of numbers and letters, we're using COVID-19 pandemic themed phrases and words inside the boxes to mark off. We need a few more to fill out the bingo cards.

Some of what we have so far:
stress baking
social distancing
toilet paper
Stay the f*ck at home!
lysol everything
Naptime! (again)
The dogs are loving this
Wash Ya Hands!
boredom eating
flattening the curve
No one is wearing any pants
Tiger King
half hearted attempts at working out
Trump is an idiot
6 foot keep-your-distance-Pokey Stick
on hold with unemployment

And etc. Some are good, some could be better. What do you suggest?
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Best answer: home school
Zoom Meeting/Happy Hour/Social
screen time
binge watching Tiger King
Jared Kushner is an idiot
Anthony Fauci (or maybe that's your free space)
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The free space absolutely has to be Zoom.
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"These trying / challenging / unprecedented times"
N95 masks
Virtual happy hour
The new normal
Salute to healthcare workers
Teddy bear scavenger hunts
Cruise ship outbreaks
Daily briefings
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______ in the time of corona(virus)
Stay home save lives
DIY mask pattern
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"elements of medical" (@MrMichaelSpicer)
turbulent gas (USA Today)
rent strike (AskMe)
face mask tutorials (WaPo)
fake coronavirus "cures" (NYMag, Snopes, FTC)
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Best answer: Sidewalk chalk
No bra
Curbside pickup
Animal Crossing
Underwear facemasks
Day drinking
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Best answer: essential workers
porch delivery
what day is it anyway?
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Abundance of caution
The ‘Rona
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Life as normal for introverts/ lucky introverts
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great time to be childless
getting ready for my yard sale in 2021
Zoom School
alcohol is an essential item
guns are not an essential item
wildlife in the streets
David Geffen on a boat
celebrities in captivity
boating social distancing
athleisure justified
there is nothing left to organize
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Herd immunity
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Camera roll challenge
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Touchless delivery
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The one going the rounds in my social circle includes:

Downloaded Animal Crossing
Tried to learn a Tik Tok Dance
Have not worn anything but pajamas for a week
Had to convince a family member to stay inside
Ran out of toilet paper
Gotten an e-mail from some company like Applebee's about their response to Covid-19
Gotten attitude from a pet
Had a panic attack
Come up with a song other than Happy Birthday to sing while washing hands
Rewatched an entire series
Cried at how cheap tickets are
Finished all your snacks
FREE SPOT: Stayed inside
Cancelled an event you were excited about
Participated in an awkward video conference
Seen a rich person complain from inside their mansion
Made a meal out of food you didn't realise you had
Gave yourself a haircut
Bought yourself an expensive indulgent self care gift
Coughed and wondered if you were going to die
Started learning an instrument
Worried about your job or school
Considered (re)starting a YouTube channel
Sung to by a celebrity against your will
Wanted to fight a politician

You can add

On hold with some government department for over two hours
Nearly set fire to the kitchen
Waved at someone through your window
Eaten something with a best before date more than two years ago
Seen a co-workers pet in a video
Invited to join a religious ceremony from home
Cried at a video showing pandemic solidarity
Actually found an open delivery slot for ordering groceries
Found yourself clasping your mouth while reading news/listening to public announcement
Have a thermometer in the home to take your temperature with if needed.
Received or picked up a prescription and discovered that it contained less than half
Considered baking bread
Put something in your window for other people to see
Called a relative you haven't spoken to in five years
Looked up information on cleaning products
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Best answer: -have now designated a specific pair of pyjama pants exclusively for daywear (“my formal pyjamas”)
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"How are you holding up?"
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draconian measures
China instituted draconian measures
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"corona pirates"

read somewhere on the internet about what a small child called this.
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Yelled at clueless socializing parents as if you were the parent.

Worried even more than usual about plumbing, HVAC, other vital infrastructure in the house.

Had the WalMart Dream.

Had the Touched Your Face Dream.

Had the Surprise Company-Wide Crampacked Office-Meeting Dream.

Heard a talking head say "In the coming days."
(Everybody intones this on NPR and in newspaper stories. I like it because it's both ubiquitous and meaningless. All the days after today are "the coming days." When precisely in the coming days? Next week? July? 2033?)
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