Older call log on an iPhone?
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Sometime in January, I made a phone call. I still know which number I called, but now I'd like to know the date of that call. It's too old to show up in the "Recent Call Log" on my iPhone XR. Is there a way to pull up the date of the call?
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Try logging in to your phone service provider’s website. They keep records of phone calls made. I did that with AT&T when I lost a friend’s number and found it that way.
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Yeah, I have Verizon, and I have checked stuff like that by going to their website and looking up the logs. It should all be there.
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I have an iPhone, and if I go into the phone app and go to the 'Recents' tab, I can see calls going back through last December. Though I'd guess that's where you're looking and it's limited by the number of calls as opposed to how long ago they were.

Ditto using your provider's online access portal. They should have a log of all calls going back a long time.
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