Free diabetic toenail trims in Seattle?
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A friend needs to know, and my ideas of who to call are stumped. Even mentioning places that used to do it, so I can call them and see how they're handling the stay-in-place orders, would help a lot.
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I'm not sure about free, but Podiatrist offices will often do this and may be able to bill to Medicaid/Medicare.

You could also try an endocrinologist's office - as they probably have a lot of diabetic patients, and have some referral options.
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My diabetic grandmother had her toenails trimmed by the podiatrist.
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Often senior centers have connections helping seniors with things like this (I know this was an option for my father). Might want to start here to find one near him and give them a call?
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Seconding senior center. My arthritic mom really appreciates this service.
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Best answer: The problem with senior centers is that they're all closed in King County and, so far as I know, Washington state overall. Community Living Connections couldn't find any services when I called; I suspect that this is a service which has fallen by the wayside. They might have a different answer for you depending on your friend's zip code.

Your friend's district representatives might also have insight on public health services like this. Washington just clarified the definition of essential nannies, I'm sure this will also get attention.

I'm sorry not to be more help. Toenail and foot hygiene can be a bastard, can't it?
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Update: check your MeMail
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I definitely endorse the podiatrist recommendation, but given the situation, those may or may not be accessible for toenail trims.

In a fallback, as a diabetic who sees his podiatrist for toenail trims and also foot checkups, is that friend sheltering with anyone?

If your friend is unable to do it for themselves (flexibility, etc.), they may want to ask someone to do it for them. He or the friend-trimmer can google "diabetic toenail trim" for guidance. Obviously not ideal, but in this scenario perhaps a workable solution.
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Response by poster: VelveteenBabbitt has both levels of the current answer, as best as I can tell - this has fallen by the wayside in responses to covid19, and political pressure to get that part of the health system running again is needed. Wow, thank you.
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If the person can't get in with someone who knows how to do actual trims properly, as a fallback option they or someone they're with may be able to use a nail file/emery board to just file things down somewhat. Obviously check with the person's doctor for guidance before deciding on this.
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