Résumé services in Seattle?
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Looking for a professional to help with résumé and LinkedIn stuff for an early-career software developer in Seattle.

Hey folks!

I'm a fairly recent graduate of Ada Developers Academy living in in Seattle. I've got a year of full-time software development experience under my belt, but alas, I got laid off earlier this year, so it's now job search o'clock.

I'm a decent writer, but LinkedIn, résumés and the like give me the howling fantods. I'd therefore really like to find a professional to help me out with that stuff so that I can focus on repeatedly explaining depth-first search to my dog.

Ideally, I want to find someone who: (a) understands the local tech industry, and software development in general; (b) writes well; (c) has a solid track record with career-changers, women, and the middle-aged. Bonus points for folks who've had Dependable Strengths training.

Please note that I'm not looking for general résumé or LinkedIn advice here, nor am I looking for opinions about whether or not hiring someone to help with this sort of thing is advisable. I'm looking for referrals, and only referrals. (Also job offers. Kidding. Kind of.)

Thanks all!
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Hi! I recently moved to Seattle for a software engineering position. I also have about a year of experience in the software industry. Prior to that I was working in the pharmaceutical industry as a chemist. I've had some experience looking at resumes and interviewing folks in both careers (most recently with software engineering interns at my last company).

You're probably looking for someone more experienced in software specifically to review your resume, but if you'd be fine with a peer's opinion I'd be glad to help.

I also actively brush up on algorithms because I enjoy it to some extent, so if you'd like an accountability partner who has an understanding of the tech interview process, I'm also down for that.
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I have used two of these services in the last year. The first massaged my self-written content into a gDocs template and helped me fix some mistakes. It was a big improvement over my own effort, but after a few months I could see more room for improvement.

I got in touch with Jill at http://igotthejob.us/. Website is not as good as other services have, but I recommend looking past that. Working with her has been leaps and bounds better.

Over multiple conversations, Jill has asked lots of good questions that have me thinking about my goals. Helps her work and has helped me define what I want. Her resume process takes longer and requires more from me, but I feel way better about it.

If you think you job search will target companies that use resume scanners/keyword filters, Jill can help optimize your materials. She used to be a recruiter and has kept current on the systems they use.

Questions she asks are also very similar to ones many recruiters ask, but in a much more comfortable setting. I haven’t been happy with my performance in interviews, so this has been helpful.
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