How to make an index of links for others to browse
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I used to have a tumblr theme + plug in that created an index out of the post tags. I liked being able to index recipes and such, and liked that I could forward the whole site to others. I want to do this again, but can't find the theme, and the plug-in I was using is no longer. Alas. Any recommendations on how to do this?
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pinboard is the canonical example of this.
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Just to make sure I have the right idea, you want to create a post that has links to all of the posts on your blog that have a specific tag, correct? Would linking to https://[blogname][tag name] be good enough, or do you definitely want this to be in the form of a post?

Theoretically, it should be relatively straightforward to code this up with the Tumblr API, but I don't know how comfortable you'd be with that.

(Also, do you remember which theme and plugin you were using? It might help to know in order to see if someone's forked it like was done with the New XKit extension.)
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Response by poster: Nope, not a post at all. It created a table of contents as such, I don't remember if it was part of the header per se, but it was static and was a list of every tag used so that if I were indexing recipes, say it might read "Chicken Radish Eggplant" etc. I could click on "Eggplant" and it would show me all the recipe posts I'd tagged with Eggplant. It also created a link to my "site" so I could easily send the whole thing (www.tumblr/whatever) to someone else to look through. I can't access my old tumblr; and can't at the moment find the old plug in I'd used.
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Was this a theme by itself or do you think it might be a tag cloud that you added to your theme? Lots of old generators have disappeared, but and look like they are still up. I have them both running on my tumblr right now, and though it is taking a long time, they both seem to be active. Once the tag cloud is generated, it gives you code to paste into your blog.
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