Where are my skirts?
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Just to distract myself from the Coronapocalypse, I'm online shopping. I want pretty, knee-length A-line skirts in cotton and linen. Probably in size 14, give or take. Where are my skirts?

I need a true A-line skirt with a snug waist and then some kind of give or flow down to the knees. J. Crew often has the cut I like, but their prices are too spendy. Eshakti often has styles I like, but I've had a hit or miss experience with them and would prefer a different retailer. Many retailers will describe skirts like this as A-line, but I require some flowy room in there for thighs and tummy, and this shape will not do for me.

I do not want: tiers, slits, anything resembling office wear, dark colors, high-lo or handkerchief hem, denim, anything that can't go in the washing machine.

I live in a big city with basically every store, so if there's some shop I should visit when the quarantine ends, tell me.

Shoppers of Metafilter, where are my skirts?
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I’d go straight to ModCloth for this! They usually have a variety of true A-line styles at any one time, though you might have to keep an eye on their sales to hit your fabric/price-point combo sometimes.
Option 1 ... Option 2 ... Option 3 (spendier)
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Lands end has been calling them "midi" skirts.
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Ooh Target has a couple possible contenders right now too, if a linen blend is ok:
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Maybe this striped one at Shabby Apple will go on sale?

If you’re willing to go a little past the knee length-wise, there are some fun options in the sale section at Boden right now too:
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I would also consider using “full” rather than A line as a search term. Obviously retailers will vary on what category they consider each to hut but you may find some good ones you’d usually miss out on by just searching A line
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If you've ever considered taking up sewing, this would be the perfect project to start with. This kind of skirt is one of the simplest and quickest garments you can make.

When I started my first job in a dress-casual office, I found a pattern I liked ($1.00 on sale) and ran it up in five or six different fabrics (some from clearance-rack remnants). It was great to have a bunch to choose from, but with the confidence that they all fit and hung the same way on my odd-shaped body.
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This one I got is rayon, not cotton, but it's flowy and soft and easy and inexpensive and I honestly love it.
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Last year gap released a series of A-line linen skirts that meet your criteria, I'd keep an eye out to see if they do again. They were in sometimes plain colours but I dyed them at home with rite dye and they look great.

There are options on etsy but they are more than $100 each.
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The skirts from Elhoffer Design might fit the bill. They’re a small company and they do small runs, so if you see a color/style that you like, don’t wait too long.
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If you're comfortable with getting something you might not be able to return, I'd highly recommend Ebay. Not only are the prices and choices really good, but you could be helping out someone who really needs the money right now.
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