Who is making good posters related to COVID?
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I’ve heard lots of good slogans related to efforts to stop the coronavirus: like “6 feet of distance means your existence,” “coughs and sneezes spread diseases,” and of course “STAY THE FUCK HOME.” With all these slogans, someone must be making good posters. Who’s doing it?
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Space Art Travel Bureau:

Will Your Cough Kill Her Off?
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My colleague, who has a print & poster side hustle, created these free downloadable posters. Click the "Design" drop-down menu to see them all.
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here are some from the Baltimore City Health Department (via the ModernPropaganda subreddit, which has more of this sort of thing)
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The Oatmeal has a good one on not touching your face. There's a link to a PDF version on that page.
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Kate Leth has some cute ones!
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Chamomile Tea Party and has been remixing propaganda posters for a while now and has a few around the virus (towards the end of the page).
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Global Open Call For Art
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Paul Sizer: Take Care.
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