iPad apps for 4 and 6 year old?
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I have a four and six year old and one iPad. I'd love suggestions of apps that might be fun, hopefully educational, that they could do at the same time -- and not fight? If "at the same time" is too hard, that's OK, but something they could do together would be amazing!
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My 5 year old loves the PBS Kids Games app. It has a ton of games for a good range of ages and most of them are educational to at least some degree. It looks like you can also download some of the games individually. I appreciate that they didn’t combine it with their kids’ video app - if I give her permission to play games, she can’t drift into watching a show without thinking.

Sago Mini games are great, although a lot of them may be on the young side for the 6 year old. Most are more entertaining than educational, but they’re sweet. I’ve been thinking about subscribing to Sago World while we’re stuck at home.

Toca Boca apps remind me of the Sago apps, but might skew a bit old for the 4 year old, and I haven’t been able to get the audio to work on our iPad (haven’t put much time into trying). iPhone, yes; iPad, no. Though my kid seems ok with playing them silently.

Endless apps are both educational and fun.
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DRAWX4 is based on the Surrealist drawing game Exquisite Corpse. One person draws a head, hiding that before passing it to the next person, who adds a body and passes it back to the first person (or on to another player). A goofy composite character is revealed at the end. It's the equivalent of £1. It says ages 12+, but my 6 year old nephew managed it easily after being walked through it the first time. Drawing ability isn’t required but little kids will find it a real eye opener if you add your drawings to the mix - have the body section holding a giant fish or the feet toasting on a lava floor and it'll blow their little minds.
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Monkey Preschool Lunchbox probably skews a little young, especially for the 6yo, but my kids have gotten a lot of joy from it over many years.
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Ah brilliant -- we will try these all. Thank you!!!
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