Plague Playlist for Prince Prospero?
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So like everyone COVID-19 is on my mind. Songs for a playlist? So far all I have is Moribund and the Burgermeister and Don't Stand So Close To Me. Plus for reading, as we shelter in place after the shopping spree: The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe.
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"Infected" by The The?
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Don't Fear The Reaper -- Blue Oyster Cult
Every Breath You Take -- Police
Down With The Sickness -- Disturbed
It's The End Of The World As We Know It -- R.E.M.
Harder to Breathe -- Maroon 5
U Can't Touch This -- MC Hammer
Staying' Alive -- Bee Gees
Still Alive -- Jonathan Coulton
In the Air Tonight -- Phil Collins
I Will Survive -- Gloria Gaynor
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Robyn Hitchcock, "Lady Waters & the Hooded One"
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Lots more on a previous Ask thread.
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Fever -- Peggy Lee
Night Fever -- Bee Gees
Cat Scratch Fever

From a friend:
“Don’t Tell the Band” by Widespread Panic
“In Hiding” by Pearl Jam
“The Last Day on Earth” by Marilyn Manson
“Survivalism” by Nine Inch Nails
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How did we miss We Will Become Silhouettes by The Postal Service?
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Even another Ask thread.
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Blackalicious - Chemical Calisthenics
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Rita Wilson made a similar request for herself and Tom Hanks, and has shared her "Quarantunes" list here.
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Weird Al - Germs
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I have a previous question here full of odes to social distancing.
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The Faint - Paranoiattack
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Don't Stand So Close to Me
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The Plague by Camus is an amazing book that uses the threat of plague to highlight the isolation we all experience in life and how we react when confronted with tragedy and death. It sounds a bit grim, and in a way it is, but in my opinion it's actually the most life-affirming of his works because (no real spoiler) the lesson seems to be to live, fight for life at all costs, and deplore any justification for suffering.
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iMarkkeyz - Cardi B Coronavirus Remix Video (via The Guardian)

The Black Keys - Fever*

*PSA: "In one study, even among patients who required hospital admission for treatment of COVID-19, fewer than half (44%) had fevers at the time of presentation. This makes it difficult to identify patients in the community by way of routine screening measures." via Highlights of Expert Panel on COVID-19 from Harvard, MIT, Mass General Hospital (Dr. Melissa Bender, Just Security, Mar. 15, 2020)

Sabrina Carpenter - Thumbs
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On the irreverent tip:

Government Flu by the Dead Kennedys.

Down with the Sickness - as done by Richard Cheese. The original, by Disturbed is hot garbage, but turning it into a lounge tune was ingenious.

The New Plague by Gwar. Not safe for work or really anywhere else.
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Bird Flu by M.I.A.
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Here's one you don't see every day:

Geggy Tah - Las Vegas With The Lights Out
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Plan B - The Recluse

waiiiit for it
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If you want a playlist that is broadened out towards our themes of quarantine/shelter in place / social distancing, a friend and I have been making a playlist for this very topic!
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Walk On By – Dionne Warwick
Alone Again – Gilbert O'Sullivan
Walk Away Renee – The Left Banke
All By Myself – Eric Carmen
Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks
The Way We Were – Barbra Streisand
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
I've Loved These Days – Billy Joel
One Lonely Night – REO Speedwagon
Separate Lives – Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin
Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds
Dancing with Myself – Billy Idol

Good grief, what a list. "What came first, the music or the misery?"
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Billy Joel's Miami 2017 is yet again pertinent....

("I've seen the lights go out on Broadway,
I saw the Empire State laid low,
But life went on beyond the Palisades
They all bought Cadillacs
And left there long ago....")

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Arnaldo Antunes - Lavar as Mãos (Wash Your Hands)
X (Australia) - I Dont Wanna Go Out
Les Savy Fav - Raging in the Plague Age
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Thanks for all these new sounds! (Somehow I missed those two previouslies.)
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My favorite candidates from those other threads include Gimme Shelter, Shake The Disease, and When the Man Comes Around; and one more for all of you: an old ditty by Hoyt Axton, Have A Nice Day.
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"When it all
 Comes down
 I hope it doesn't land on you."

And I just thought of one more, not concerning disease but addressing stay-at-home boredom. You may know it from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack: Flowers on the Wall by the Statler Brothers.
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