Should I eat this: sweet potato cube edition
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In a fit of something, I bought a bag of pre-cubed sweet potato. Although the sell by date is tomorrow, the cubes are slimy today. Should I rinse it off and boil it, or is it a lost cause?
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If they smelled right I'd rinse them (maybe give them a little scrub) and use them. If they had that slimey, vegetative smell of Lettuce Gone Wrong I would toss them unless the cubes were big enough that I could simply cut off 1/8 around all the sides and go on with life. Depending how fussy you want to get.
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I once ate a bag of pre-cubed butternut squash that was before the sell-by date but had gone slimy. I was rewarded with Intense Gastric Distress. I am less inclined than I usually am to take chances with my food, and this is a chance I wouldn't take. (I don't even buy pre-cubed anymore unless I KNOW I'm going to eat it that day - it's leaving a lot to chance with the grocery store's prep methods and how fresh the vegetables originally were.)
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I think it is ok. Sliced potatoes kinda exude a starch that with a little moisture in the air turns a bit slimy. If you rinse them off and they're soft or have serious discoloration I'd toss em though.
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Slime, no way! I don’t believe just washing it off will make it fresh again. Maaaaybe if you took each cube and made a tinier cube out of them, you could get away with it but do you really have the patience for that?
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Okra is the only vegetable that should be slimy. Toss it.
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Right now is a terrible time to feel sick. Toss it!
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If you were experiencing Intense Gastric Distress (thanks Jeanne, that's so much more polite than what I was going to say!) and someone offered to make it stop for three or four bucks, would you take them up on it? Proceed accordingly.
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I will eat almost anything and I would not eat that.
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Yeah I'd toss. I do not trust slimy to be safe.
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