Can you still build a 2019 model car?
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My husband and I are considering buying a "new" Subaru Outback. I see on the Subaru website that you can still build up a 2019 model. Is this actually true? Can we get a new 2019 car built and shipped to a dealership?

I just want to double check before I start emailing the dealership! Thanks.
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I don't think you can get one built, but they can search through the 2019 inventory at all the various dealers and see if they can find one that is already built to your specifications.
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Best answer: They're probably just showing the previous model year because some may still be available here and there in dealer inventory.

The cutoff date for factory-ordering a 2019 model year Outback would have been sometime around June of 2019. After the cutoff date, the factory cuts over to making 2020s. The specific cutoff date varies by model and year.

We're actually nearing the point where you won't be able to factory-order 2020 Outbacks, only 2021s.
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Does Subaru even offer factory order as a buying option?

/me performs a search on his preferred search engine

Oh, they do in fact take factory orders: Subie dealer chosen by DDG seemingly at random explains the process.
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