Who did I hear bashing the Fed today?
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I was letting my local colorado public radio stream this morning at about 9 mountain. I half-heard a woman economist/money-person really down on the 'corona' interest rate cut. Who was it?

She derided 'the market following the fed' and called today's action "the Powell put" comparing it to "the Greenspan put" - a morally questionable goose to stocks.

Who was she? Do you know a link to audio or transcript?

It wasn't the morning edition Zarroli/Horsley bit. that was pure economy-before-everything-worst-of-capitalism.

Thanks! j_
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It was likely this Marketplace Morning Report segment featuring Karen Petrou, managing partner of Federal Financial Analytics, an economic consulting firm. She comes into the segment at around 01:23.
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Gooooaaaalllll! 10 minute response. Awesome.
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Wow, that is scathing. Good quotes!
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