I'll be glad I printed that out when the Internet goes down
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Apart from contact info for various and sundry friends, relatives, and service providers, what would be useful info to have printed out if our Internet is offline due to a natural disaster? Example I already have open in another tab: The dilution ratios for using bleach to make water drinkable.
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Do you own a paper street directory for your area, or have a map?
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There are a variety of resources and information linked at the MeFi Wiki Disaster Planning & Recovery page that may be helpful.
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GPS coordinates can be useful after a bad tornado/hurricane or a widespread fire.
Five ways to use your phone GPS without data -- Smarter Travel, October 24, 2017
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Depending on how you keep this information at the moment think about bank, insurance and medical information.

Although normally in paper form already, you’ll also want birth certificates, deeds, titles etc somewhere fire and waterproof.
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Medical prescriptions
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Where There Is No Doctor (you'll be able to find a free version with some googling)
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It seems as if looking into the 'prepper' subculture, including PDFs, etc., might be of use for said information.
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Phone number for electric / gas / Internet companies for reporting an outage.
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The Boy Scouts of America handbook is an incredible source of how-to information for this sort of thing. Sure lots of irrelevant boy scout information too, but you can tear those pages out and use them to construct and light fires with only a single match, as directed in the handbook.
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