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Is there a piece of software that will allow me to make autocrop an image to make multiple smaller images?

For example taking a 72x12 image to multiple 8x11 sized images? this looks like it might work, but I'm looking for something that works specifically with image files.
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Like... Rasterbator?

Or am I completely misunderstanding the question?
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If you're trying to tile something onto lots of pages for cheap oversized printing, that's what The Rasterbator does.

Adobe ImageReady's slice tool allows you to cut up an image into various arbitrarily sized sub-images.
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Response by poster: doh, I fogot to include the link for "looks like this might work"
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Is it for a webpage? Adobe Imageready is good for this.
If you want to print it then what everyone else said.
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Strangely enough, Adobe Illustrator is a good choice for this. Traditionally used for vector graphics, Illustrator has a handy "Tile" option allowing you to print large graphics onto multiple sheets of paper. You can download the 30 day trial off the Adobe site.
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netpbm has pamdice for this.

netpbm has a small learning curve, so if you only want to do things like this once, it might not be appropriate. If the same need comes up occasionally, netpbm is your man. You extract the specific commandline programmlets you need from the netpbm collection, package them (trial and error) in a batch file, and run them. If you need them six months later, it takes a few seconds the next time.
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Response by poster: Strangely I haven't learned how to script anything yet... programming is an arcane magic to me. So I don't think netpbm will do it for me. I can't seem to get Illustrator to work on my machine, but I'll try again.
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