Catering recommendations in Sioux Falls, SD
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I am assisting with logistics for a conference to be held in Sioux Falls, SD during the 2nd week in May. We are planning 2 dinners during that week for approximately 130 people. I believe we have a venue already set but I just need to find a caterer to bring in. Details inside.

Details, if this helps:
Dinners would be on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 12/13.
Attendees are from all over the US. Carnivores and vegetarians in the mix.
This would be buffet/self serve.

Any recommendations on catering? I am in CT and will not be in Sioux Falls until the day before the conference begins, so this is all going to have to be arranged remotely.

I've also taken an internet glance at The Market in downtown Sioux Falls, but not sure if they can accommodate the number of people. Unfortunately, they are closed today (Sunday), so I can't reach them.

Any recs would be most welcome. Thanks!
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