How can I use truffle oil aside from eggs and pizza?
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What are your favourite recipes that use truffle oil aside from having it with eggs or drizzled on pizza?

I already know it's great with eggs and on pizza. What else does it go well with? No dietary restrictions.
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Make hummous. Add it to the hummous.

Anything you'd use olive oil for, really, now that I think about it. It would be a great pesto oil for pasta, for example. It is FANTASTIC in risotto as well.
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Do you just drizzle it over the freshly popped corn?
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On pasta.
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Macaroni and cheese.
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any creamy pasta. cheese optional.
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In any ravioli filling with mushrooms or seafood. In a vinaigrette on salad or asparagus. On fries.
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Omg, whack some into your mashed potatoes.
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As for the popcorn, you could stir a bit of the oil into some melted butter, so you get truffly butter.
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If you mix it into soft butter, and then re-harden the butter in a log shape in plastic wrap, you can slice off a little round slice and put your truffle compound butter on steak or seafood.
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French fries with a bit of grated cheese.
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Links to recipes with specific instructions on how much oil to use and when to add it, etc, are appreciated too, thanks!
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The first time I had truffle oil was it was drizzled on top of an already-perfect mushroom soup. I can almost taste it right now.
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I keep a spray bottle of truffle oil in the kitchen for popcorn. I pop three tablespoons of red kernels and spritz three or four sprays onto the popcorn in a bow, shake, and then sprinkle a little popcorn salt over it. So much better than the bag stuff. And practically free.

Agreed that it is also amazing in risotto.
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Pearl barley! 1 cup barley, 3 cups vegetable stock, a tablespoon of truffle oil, a handful of dried shitakes - throw it all in the rice cooker and you've got a nice chewy addition to salads or vehicle for sauces.
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I sometimes add a few drops to spicy soup-based ramen and it's delicious.
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Do you just drizzle it over the freshly popped corn?

I've experimented with both popping it in truffle oil, drizzling, and combo with truffle salt. I do stovetop popcorn, which requires popping in oil. Best results (to my taste) are subbing about 1/3 of the popping oil with truffle oil, then adding salt (regular) and a drizzle of truffle oil, tossing, then eating. Popping in it helps distribute it more evenly, though you do lose some of the truffle essence with heat. Popping it in regular oil and then adding truffle oil at the end leaves it not as well distributed and a bit strong for my palette. If you have truffle salt, I'm also partial to popping it with the 1/3 replacement of truffle oil and then just sprinkling with a mix of truffle and regular salt at the end, so it doesn't accidentally get too messy. If you're air-popping, I'd just drizzle and toss at the end.
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Thirding risotto. Use whatever recipe you like and add it right before serving. If the recipe calls to finish it with butter at the very end, do half butter half truffle oil.
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Does it necessarily have to be a culinary use? If you’ve got a dog, and live in the right area of the country you can use that truffle oil to get real truffles. Using truffle oil to train dogs to hunt truffles is commonplace.

Let the dog sniff the truffle oil, lavish pooch with treats while basking in the oil’s presence. Then dab some on a cotton ball and hide it in your yard or at the dog park. When it is found, again, lots of treats. Then just use an eye dropper to place a couple drops in random places in your yard. After that you can practice in the woods too. It can take a few weeks/months of practice, but some dogs like hunting for things with their noses.

My dog doesn’t give a shit about treats really, and would rather just take a nap than go truffle hunting. He did find a nugget once while on a hike and it made for some tasty meals with real truffles.
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