How do I get data off of an old hard drive?
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I would like to retrieve some data from a dead laptop (it wasn't backing up everything I thought it was). I've removed the hard drive but am a bit stuck on the next step.

I know I'm supposed to get some sort of external adapter or disk enclosure that I can put the hard drive in and then connect to the new laptop via USB. But the old drive is SSD and nearly all of the products that I'm seeing so far in my Google searches do not appear to accomodate it even when I include "SSD".

Here is a picture of it.

After hours of searching, wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, I found this that looks similar but... not exactly.

I am not a hardware person, have never tried to retrieve data from a hard drive before, and much of the terminology used is gobbledegook to me. I'm hoping someone can tell me what device I need tonight, so I can order it and go to sleep rather than spending the rest of the night trying to figure this out.

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You might have an SATA SSD; if so look for an M2-USB adapter such as this one:

There is also a picture which shows three types of SSDs you might have (NVME, M2, or AHCI). From that picture you can identify your drive.
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Best answer: You have an M.2 SSD with a B+M connector - it's this one specifically.

The enclosure you found will work for you. Go ahead, order it and sleep soundly!
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Response by poster: The device worked great. Thanks!
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