AliExpress alternatives?
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New Zealand has temporarily stopped incoming mail from China. I buy a lot of rotary tool bits and the like from AliExpress, most of which ships from China. They are cheap and good quality (once you find the right ones), but with the NZ postal ban this is not an option at present. Can anyone suggest a similar online source where I can get these objects at similar prices?
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I suspect that the main problem here is that the discount stems from the fact that there's only AliExpress as an intermediary - either you're going to be buying from somewhere that also ships directly from China, or you're going to have a middleman reshipping the items, raising the price.
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I'm not sure how long shipping might take, but you may want to give American Science & Surplus a shot.
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Banggood has an option to only show products that'll ship from a USA warehouse. Shipping to NZ on this $28nzd tungsten set is $10. Can't vouch for the quality of that particular product. I've seen both good quality and poor quality from Banggood products.
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Response by poster: Thanks! May have to specify shipping using AliExpress.
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