New upbeat sign for bathroom
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I have had a small metal sign behind my bathroom sink for years - it's the well-known Rosie the Riveter "We Can Do It!" sign. I would like something that is similar in feel, meaning an advertisement or upbeat positive message, but that is not...that, any more. I would like your suggestions as to what that would be. I would prefer something non-political and non-controversial, and it would be a bonus if the sign is plastic instead of metal. Where should I look, or do you have a particular image suggestion?
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Keep Calm and Carry On
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"Good things happen. Love is real. We will be okay." The linked-to item is a print; you could heavy-laminate it (or any print) if that is the underlying reason behind wanting things in plastic. If not, apologies for not meeting the parameters, but I like the message a great deal.
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Bread and Puppet posters are often upbeat, but you would need to figure out a way to protect them. I am personally a fan of the Resistance of the Heart Against Business as Usual Poster.
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Look at the options at Syracuse Cultural Workers?
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