What was this Elvish book/graphic novel/comic I read in the mid 90's?
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I got it from the library circa mid 1990's (I was in primary school though it came from the civic library). It was a comic book/graphic novel about elves (i think, they weren't human) that leave their homeland (because of bad people?) and find a new land with new people (paradise?). I remember it being quite raunchy and people/elves died. I believe it was probably an adult book that was mis-shelved because of the comics part?

I remember a couple of the plot lines quite clearly, in one arc they are leaving the bad lands (after they are attacked? ) and cross a dessert with a giant cliff, in a second arc they find this new land and people and folks start pairing off and everyone is happy. However one guy can not find a mate until he meets with the princess/witch elf who is also alone and they have sex (not explicit). It was definitely something that was probably a bit above my age range but I had never read a graphic novel (or even comic book before) so it stayed with me. Any ideas?
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Response by poster: I am also sure big dogs were involved somehow, I just can't remember how?
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Best answer: Caveat I've never read it, but "raunchy elf comic" sounds like Elfquest.
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Best answer: Elfquest
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Best answer: Yes, this surely sounds like the first couple of Elfquest books. It was more for teens rather than younger kids so might not have been in the right place but other than serious feelings and scanty clothes wasn't terribly adult.
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Best answer: Definitely Elfquest. The main tribe rides on wolves, which is the "big dogs" thing you're remembering. The plot line is the same as you remember, too. Fascinating profile of co-author/artist Wendy Pini here.
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Response by poster: You folks are the best! I won't know for sure and till I track down a copy but I think you are right. And yeah just for the record no sex sex but certainly a bit raunchy for a naive 10year old so teen sounds right. Thank you
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Best answer: Yeah, the raunch is mostly implicit: discussions of "joining", the occasional pair of entwined nude bodies drawn from a non-explicit angle, and the like. But it had a big teen/tween readership which showed up in the letter columns, and the Pinis got a lot of parental pushback after an orgy scene (again, non-explicit, but very suggestive) in issue 25 or thereabouts.
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Best answer: Definitely ElfQuest. First time I realized that suggesting sex (and those tawny bodies!) could be sexier than skin mags.
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Best answer: Yeah, middle school, '81/'82 era when I was 11. It was all the rage with our little group of D&D playing nerds. You can read it online at Homo neanderthalensis's link.
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Best answer: As someone who loved Elfquest in the mid-'90s and has read the first few storylines many times since then, I just want to say that it's delightful to read this hazy but remarkably accurate sketch.
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Response by poster: That's definitely it thanks everyone (and I will still maintain it was pretty raunchy for a 10 year old pre internet... They were obviously going off to do more the kissing!)
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