Beaches it Italy in late May?
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Is it warm enough to spend time on the beach in Italy in late May? If so, which beaches would be the best bet for warmest weather at that time of year? Thanks!
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Are you concerned with air temperature, water temperature, or both?
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First of all, you can't really know. I have been to Italy in May and frozen like it was February. And I've been to Italy in April and enjoyed an early summer. So think of your priorities. That said, Sicily should be fine. That time I froze was in Sardinia, but I love Sardinia. The east coast has its own charms but I'd leave those for later in the season.
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Come to think of it, when I was a child, we spent months in a rented house in Elba. That started my love of Italy. I recommend Elba. But from a climate point of view, you can't really know how the swimming will be.
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I highly recommend the town of Pesaro in the Le Marche region. The sandy beach stretches for miles, and while the water can be a little chilly, it's fairly reasonable in May.

Pesaro is also genuinely one of my favorite places in Italy :)
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Procida, Ischia, and Capri (in increasing order of crowdedness but also lavishness) will all be good to go. You can take a ferry to each of these from Naples.
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